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Bandall equipment works with bands from 20 mm to 125 mm wide. Mobile, semi-automatic and fully automatic banding units, as well as bespoke fully integrated in line solutions are available. With 30 years experience in banding we are committed to providing exceptional products and services that will solve your business requirements and support your efforts towards sustainability.

Branding By Banding®, Less Is More

For private labels or your own brand design, banding offers products a unique finish using very little material. Glossy or natural, with enticing, informative designs. Branding by Banding offers ample space for all the information required by packaging legislation.

Branding By Banding Benefits

The best label or packaging solution with a minimum of packaging material

A most beautiful form of linerless labelling

Smart and effective communication on sustainable, wafer thin materials

More space for your corporate logo, product information, origin details and storytelling

Excellent quality print on a wide range of (organic) paper or film – special finishes, die cut and printing on the reverse are but some of the possibilities

Biodegradable, compostable and easily recyclable banding

Suitable for all sizes of production facility

Closing the pack if required – offering tamper evidence

Print & Band – unlimited printing of data during banding process

Highly reliable proven Bandall banding techniques

Banding Materials

Max. Aarts offers full support, from point of inspiration to finished printed band. Up to 10 colours, single or double sided print, mono and laminated and with various finishes. MC, KRAFT, BOPP, OPP, PE and PLA are some of the choices of material. The banding label is available in biodegradable and FSC-certified material, it is food safe, suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs and with frozen products.

Model Width of Band Machine Dimensions Machine Weight Arch Size Power Pneumatic Air Additional Accessories
BA32-20/30 SPL 28mm (48mm, 75mm, 100mm on request) L500×W600×H1260 mm; Table Height:950mm 70kg 200mm H X 320MM W Single phase, 230V, 50/60Hz. 6 Bar External Reel Holder, Print Mark Reader