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Strapack Banding Machine

Introducing the new OB-360N. An upgrade from the OB-360, it's more efficient, more versatile, and easier to operate and maintain.

Our Strapack Banding Machine is suitable to use both Paper Bands as wells as Plastic Bands of thickness as low as 70 microns giving it an edge over the other banding machines in this segment and the Customers an advantage to use both the options for banding.

High Speed

Up to 30 cycles per minute. Soft or elastic bundles can be banded without sacrificing the speed.


Applies banding to packages as small as 30mm (1-1/8” )wide x 10mm (3/8”) high up to 420mm (16-1/2”) wide x 210mm (8-1/4”) high.

Either paper or film tape can be used.

Larger arch size is available upon request.

Stronger Tension

Tension is easily adjustable, with a volume dial, from 5N to 60N (approx. 1 - 13.5lbsf) to accommodate various applications.

Better Sealing

Improved sealing/heater design helps achieve an even melting and seamless seal eliminating curled, folded or peeling tape edges.

Easier Maintenance

The added guide to the tape shooter attachment takes the guesswork out of the reassembly. Along with the built-in Aluminum Sealing Frame, maintenance will be a breeze.

Friendly Operation

A cycle can be activated by simply placing a bundle on the table, pressing the Start button or stepping on the foot pedal.

The Start button has been moved to the table top for easy operation.

The machine will not operate accidentally without a package on the table.

In case of feeding issues, the reset function allows the machine to quickly return to its starting position.

Arch Size W425 x H220 W16-3/4 X H 8-5/8 in.
Dimension Width 570 mm 22-1/2 in.
Height 489 mm 19-1/4 in.
Depth 282 mm 11-1/8 in.
Weight 25.5 kg 56-1/4 lbs.
Table Height 238 mm 9-1/4 in.
Min. Package Size W 30 X H 10 mm W 1-1/8 X H 3/8 in.
Max. Package Size W420 X H 210 mm W16-1/2 X H 8-1/4 in.
Tape W 30 mm x 190m 80g (paper)
W 30 mm x 200-370m 60-110μm (film)
W 1-1/8 in x 623ft 28 ounce (paper)
W 1-1/8 in x 656-1214ft 60-110μm (film)
Strap Tension 60μm Film 5-30N (0.5-3 kgf) 1 - 6.6 lbsf
110μm Film 5-60N (0.5-6.1kgf) 1 - 13.5 lbsf
80g (28oz.)Paper 5-45N (0.5-4.6kgf) 1 - 10.1 lbsf
Power Supply 100 V 1 Phase 50 / 60 Hz 250 W