More companies and government agencies around the world have chosen this rugged and easy-touse manual dispenser over any other brand for their carton sealing needs. The Better Pack 333 Plus is built to last and is engineered to provide many years of consistent, reliable performance. This dispenser is perfect for use in light- to medium-volume packaging areas and can be used with either reinforced or non-reinforced water-activated tape.

Rugged Engineering, Superior Quality and Performance

Steel side frame construction ensures durability and long life

Two water brushes provide consistent, uniform wetting of adhesive

Superior mechanics and guillotine blade deliver clean, even cutting of reinforced and non-reinforced tape

Easy to Operate, Simple to Maintain

Large water reservoir means fewer refills and less downtime

Portable dispenser requires no electricity, moves easily from one packaging line to another

Quickly choose one of 15 preset tape lengths on clearly marked dial

Environmentally Responsible

Reduce tape waste by dispensing exact amount needed

Only one strip of water-activated tape is needed for a secure, strong seal

Maximize performance with recyclable, biodegradable BetterSeal Secure Tape, made from renewable resources

One Better Pack 333 Plus can potentially replace 64* handheld plastic tape guns

Options to Optimize Performance and Efficiency

Optional accessories can be purchased to optimize the performance of the Better Pack 333 Plus. Also, when using 100% recyclable water-activated tape, such as BetterSeal Secure® Tape from Better Packages, the Better Pack 333 Plus is the ultimate environmentally responsible choice for sealing cartons.

Top Heater Accessory

Heats water to optimize tape's adhesive properties

Excellent for use in chilly shipping environments

Dimensions 19.5" L x 9.5" W x 12.5" H
Shipping weight 22 lbs.
Tape roll capacity 1.5" to 3" wide / Up to 7.5" diameter / Up to 600' length roll
Dispensing length Up to 30" in a single handle stroke
Unlimited length with repeated handle strokes
Multiple preset lengths on clearly marked dial
Blades Guillotine sheer
Water bottle capacity 41 ounces
Water brushes 2
Electrical requirements None (optional Top Heater Accessory requires electrical power)
Warranty 2 years parts and materials, 6 months labor